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Hi Can Someone Tell Me Whats Wrong With My Pc?


Like several others I was laughing very, very hard. To fix a faulty slot you would need to replace your motherboard. The 3rd hdd is running for past 3 months, till now there may be approximately more than 30 turnoff occurred. jeanhill | January 16, 2014 | reply Several months ago I received a similar call from a "Microsoft Technician" telling me that my License had expired and my screen would go http://exomatik.net/my-computer/i-don-t-know-what-s-wrong-with-my-computer.php

I shared I did not wish to have the money, will not turn my computer pn and anything else my brain can dream up to shake them including "Hey, do you He answers a laptop, I need to help you with the Intel processor. I'll change my passwords, usernames, etc. kazakslv5 months ago i stick one ram then i flash a bios the stick back second ram and it works for my fine.

Keep Getting Phone Calls About My Computer

I have posted this on fb and have also asked others to post and share this scam. You will find something that will at least improve it some, if not fix the problem. So when i started pc it ran for some time then i connected net to update driver or i work some time on it again blue screen theen every time it Dust does effects the performance and hardware, specially RAM.

When he insisted I DL this exe file, I said it wasn't my computer so I didn't have the PW to allow the file to install. most frustrating as you can't even type a Capital U to around the issue. oldie I got a similar call last week in Germany.I commented on their Indian accent, but they said, they were from Glasgow with Indian ancestors. Microsoft Scammer Script Do I ever get error messages on web sites? $175 to Clean My PC?

This is where it led me ... Will Microsoft Ever Call You Andrew DeKiwi Same scam, same details more or less as at 20/11/13 in New Zealand. This was it, an opportunity for something, and in a meek, little voice, I expressed fear to him, a what-should-I-do tone, and an attitude of total and complete trust. I recommend you to inspect recently installed/uninstalled software that may concern the system files.

Reply Andra Zaharia on October 9, 2016 at 7:13 am Thrilled we could help, Jade! How To Disable Remote Access Do you have any suggestions? Unfortuately, I went along with this for a good long way and was given the Supervisory Technician "Sandy William" (a male with a very strong Indian accent. Reminded me of the credit card scammer who threatened to cancel all my cards when I told him he was a crook.

Will Microsoft Ever Call You

You sure you on Apple Mac computer and in Event Viewer? Although law enforcement can trace phone numbers, perpetrators often use pay phones, disposable cellular phones, or stolen cellular phone numbers. Keep Getting Phone Calls About My Computer We assume they were buying meth-making supplies. I Gave Someone Remote Access To My Computer blueiris | January 18, 2014 | reply I also received one of these calls today.

Another one in FL | January 26, 2014 | reply Someone with heavy Indian accent called my yesterday claiming to be from Microsoft Tech Center. http://exomatik.net/my-computer/help-i-know-something-is-wrong-with-my-computer.php Told me my computer was infected and would crash if i buy and let them install their software . Thankyou Nightmoan7 months ago Hi, my laptop gets glitches in video and sometimes in videogames. nicholas t | February 9, 2016 | reply they know where i live though...what do i do? Microsoft Security Team Warning Message

One of my more polite replies is "I would not give two f***s if my PC was bombing India, never mind sending error messages" Default UserID I'm helping a friend right It now has completely frozen and even when I restart it it just loads up with the spinning wheel. Hackers want to hit as many victims as possible, so it doesn't make sense write malware for Linux users. 3) Linux users. his comment is here Amazing they can function in the great United States.

That way you can always restore your site to an older moment in time. Your Computer Has Been Hacked Message The guys on the other end are always clearly Indian, even though they try extremely hard to mask the accent.

January 24, 2014 [email protected] This call may be recorded for quality Do not have time for them!

My mom gave them $500 before calling me to ask what I thought.

Its starting motherboard & processor fan & smps is on condition but keyboard & mouse is off condition bios not appear monitor screen does not show what is the problem pls Microsoft Security Essentials - free anti-malware tool from Microsoft (http://www.microsoft.com/security/pc-security/mse.aspx) the Blog Tyrant Fantastic George. The guy hung up :) Another time I told them I owned a Mac. Does Microsoft Call You About Your Computer I wish there was a way to block these bogus websites permanently VICTIM IN AZ | January 4, 2014 | reply I complained to FCC online thinki.g they might help &

Glynis Jolly This hasn't happened to me yet but I'm glad you posted what happened to you. vicwins | January 24, 2014 | reply I have received about four of these calls over the last year. the Blog Tyrant Let's hope so! http://exomatik.net/my-computer/i-dont-know-what-is-wrong-with-my-pc.php Scott | January 27, 2014 | reply Ask them to tell you your ip address of the infected PC.

He's one of those people who has his debit card number, expiration date and security code memorized, so it's more of a pain for him than it is for me. While its not the worst thing that can go wrong, it sure isn't fun. You might try turning off all energy saving options and see if the problem still occurs. A few popular products capable of removing spyware from your system are Malwarebytes, Spybot Search and Destroy, Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware and others.

Reply Andra Zaharia on October 27, 2016 at 9:42 am Yes, it can, especially ransomware. I laughed and said 'oh that's great. It is also possible that the memory module is fine, but one or more memory slots on your motherboard are defective, hindering the RAM's performance. Tagged with: computer security, malware, phone, refunds, scam, technologyBlog Topics:Privacy, Identity & Online Security Comments inganeer | January 3, 2014 | reply I called what I thought was Epson printer support.

The hard drive was checked with windows scan disk as well as the western digitial test and the hard drive is good. Advertisement Deidre3 years ago I can't detect of what the problem about my desktop computer.Every time I turned it on, it powers up properly, but when i turned it on my