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The per-server context requires that a developer must edit the apache configuration file, httpd.conf. A redirect is created using the syntax: #REDIRECT [[Target]] ...where "target" is the name of the target page. Click Empty Trash. It is not one of Wikipedia's policies or guidelines, and is therefore an essay. http://exomatik.net/how-to/how-to-remove-tencent-soso-search-provider-from-ie8-and-add-google-search.php

Listen to your users Your users can see your site in different ways than you. Purposes of a redirect[edit] For more details on this topic, see Wikipedia:Redirect §Purposes of redirects. They can be useful if a particular article is referred to by multiple names, or has alternative punctuation, capitalization or spellings. Click this to get back to the redirected page, showing the large bent arrow symbol and the destination for the redirect.

"sneaky Redirect"

Regular Expressions (aka Regexes) From wikipedia.org: A regular expression is a string that describes or matches a set of strings, according to certain syntax rules. Leave her feedback below about the page. You can then either change the target of the redirect, replace the redirect with a brand new page or revert to an earlier version of the article, before it became a This back-reference is placed at the end of the URL that was directed to, in this case, $1.

  1. While the major crawlers will treat it like a 302 in some cases, it is best to use a 301 for almost all cases.
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  3. Instead of preserving the file names in the redirection (which would result in a 404 not found error on the new server), the old files needed to be redirected to the

Use the "what links here" toolbox link to find double redirects to a particular page, or use Special:DoubleRedirects to find them throughout the whole wiki. Actions that affect your whole site are listed under Site-wide matches. If unwanted programs still change your settings, follow the steps below to reset them. How To Block Redirects On Chrome Deleting a redirect[edit] There's generally no need to delete redirects.

Redirects are used to help users locate information and keep wikis organized, so that multiple names, abbreviations, misspellings, or related topics can all point to the same page. Sneaky Redirects Seo Use direct interwiki links (or direct links to Special pages) without redirect, or a soft redirect (non-automatic). Until there is a valid destination page, you should not make the redirect. If a page name is vaguely meaningful, there's no harm, and some benefit, in having it as a redirect to the more relevant or current page.

Find out more about using Bulk actions. 302 Redirect Compare the content fetched by Google to the content seen by a human user (you!) when visiting the site. You can also use an existing page that you are making inactive as a page by going to that page and using the "edit" tab at the top. Or ask for help on your talk page Noticeboards(?) FAQs(?) Reference desks(?) The Missing Manual(?) Directories(?) About Wikipedia Administration Principles(Wikipedia in brief) Policies and guidelines What Wikipedia is not Disclaimer(parental advice)

Sneaky Redirects Seo

Notice the escaped period with a backslash. This link shows the canonical form of the target. "sneaky Redirect" Any URLs with valid paths cannot be redirected. Sneaky Mobile Redirects Detected For the latest version, please go to https://help.shopify.com/manual/migrating-to-shopify/url-redirect/ Ready to start selling online with Shopify?

Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. weblink To edit a page that is already a redirect (or to view its history, talk page, etc.), follow the redirect to the target page, then click on the link in the The GET string is the set of characters that come after a filename in the URL and are used to pass data to a web page. Redirect: http://seomoz.org/ To: http://www.seomoz.org/ Redirect: http://mail.seomoz.org/ To: http://www.seomoz.org Redirect: http://seomoz.org/somefile.php To: http://www.seomoz.org/somefile.php Solution Add the following directive: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} *!^www*.seomoz\.org [NC]
RewriteRule (.*) http://www.seomoz.org/$1 [L,R=301] Explanation This directive tells apache to How To Do A 301 Redirect

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If the target is a non-existent section of an existing page, then the redirect will take the reader to the top of the target page. Chrome Redirect Virus Android Creating and editing redirects[edit] Unregistered users can request a redirect be created at the article wizard. In many cases, it is okay to show slightly different content on different devices.

An edit summary is automatically provided, as displayed at MediaWiki:Autoredircomment, but only if no edit summary is supplied (as opposed to the automatic edit summary in section editing, which can be

Surrounding the .* in parenthesis tells apache to save the matched string as a back-reference. For example, if you click Transportation, you are redirected to the Transport article, and the top of the page looks like: Transport From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Transportation) To The following are examples of configurations that can cause sneaky mobile redirects: Adding code that creates redirection rules for mobile users Using a script or element to display ads and monetize Google Redirect Virus Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

The engines will carry any link weighting from the original page to the new URL, as below: Be aware that when moving a page from one URL to another, the search The exclamation point (!) in front of www.seomoz.org negates the comparison, saying, “If the host IS NOT www.seomoz.org, then perform RewriteRule.” In our case RewriteRule redirects them to www.seomoz.org while preserving A small notice below the top title indicates that the user arrived via a redirect. his comment is here Double redirects[edit] A double redirect is a page redirecting to a page which is itself a redirect, and it will not work.

Help:Redirect From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This page is about directing a search term to a Wikipedia article. This is the best way to ensure that users and search engines are directed to the correct page. When the original developers were moving seomoz.org to its own dedicated server, they wanted it to be accessed as its own domain rather than as a subdirectory of socengine.com. Try it free About Careers Blog Press and Media Enterprise Sitemap Online store Sell online Features Examples Website editor Online retail Ecommerce website Themes Shopping cart Ecommerce hosting Mobile commerce Ecommerce

Template and start page Template, respectively. Other options for redirection, like 302s and meta refreshes, are poor substitutes, as they generally will not pass the rankings and search engine value like a 301 redirect will. Serving a 301 indicates to both browsers and search engine bots that the page has moved permanently. See Terms of Use for details.

When following the link from the category page to the redirect page then as usual the redirect is applied. Soft redirects[edit] As an alternative to the normal "hard" redirects (which take the reader directly to the target page), it is possible to create "soft" redirects, which leave the reader on The per-directory context uses .htaccess files that exist in each folder a user wants to configure. Right-click the name of any unwanted programs.

However, when clicking on the same result on a smartphone, the user is redirected to an unrelated URL. This is because the true title of the target page is actually capitalized — it just appears lowercase because of the use of the magic word DISPLAYTITLE. (Usually, the template {{Lowercase If your site is hosted on a server running other software, check with your hoster for more details. When creating new redirects, bear in mind that creating too many redirects can clutter up the search results page, which can hinder users.

The link title "30.48 cm" informs in the hover box about the unit "ft" even without following the link to the article about this unit. From the drop-down menu, click Select a filter. It is also possible to add a section header to make a redirect to a specific section of the target page in the following manner: #REDIRECT [[Target#Section header]] The pound/number sign You can set up Google Analytics alerts that will warn you of sharp drops in average time spent on your site by mobile users or drops in mobile users.