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I don't know whether malware or spyware or what? Need to remove it

i don't think i'm infected with anything but i need some advice

i don't think it's a virus

I doubt this is a malware problem

I E Blocks Mozilla Browser Installation

I either have or had a keylogger

I fear I may have multiple viruses/trojans

I fear my computer is infected

I feel like something bad is messing up my PC

I feel that my computer is infected with a virus

I finally got a xp home cd and im trying to reinstall xp wo losing files

I found a infection on my computer

I Forgot How To~~~

I Get Constant Spyware Popups And Other Stuff Like Winfixer Etc

I get random pop-ups in IE and Firefox while using Firefox.

I Google/Yahoo redirects

I got a bad virus never seen this kind of virus befor

I Got A Lot Of Ads

I Got A Malware Problem Please Help

I Got A Virus From Www.seriall.com I Need Help Fix

i got keylogged plz see it

I Got Malware And I Need To Know What To Do

i got some viruses in my computer Please help

i got this internet Explorer virus and i dont know how to clear it.

I Got This Virus.

i got uKash virus

I got the HDD REPAIR Virus (attch Logs New Post)

I Got This Spyware In My Pc

I guess My computer has a virus.

I guess some virus has been stealing my bandwidth

I had your system is infected and now.

I had (still have?) the Windows XP Total Security virus - I *think* I removed that main problem with MalwareBytes

I had PCeu ransom virus on my pc

I had System fix malware

I had this - Avtivirus soft - I think I have got it all out?

I Had/Have System Check Virus.


I have 2 operating systems

I have 2 'Desktop Icons' if I dele one it removes all my desktop Icons

I Have 3 Viruses In My Laptop

I Have A Bad Trojan Help Please. It's Either Some Form Of Chisyne Or Virtumonde

I have a bad virus that I can't remove

I Have A Couple Trojans I Need Help With Removing

I have a few lingering viruses I want removed on my Windows XP machine.

I have a few virus that cant be removed

I have a feeling my computers being used from another source.

I have a hidden virus

i have a hidden driver i think is a rootkit

I have a keylogger on my machine.how do i delete it?

I have a infected pc

I have a keylogger plus possible other malware (Vista)

I have a keylogger =\

I have a keyloger

I have a malware problem

I have a Pop-Up AdWare on Chrome and freezing issues.

I have a rootkit trojan that I can't get rid of

I have a rootkit malware program that has taken over my PC.


I have a Search Engine Virus Please Help - Google and Yahoo

I have a rootkit that is hiding.

I have a spyware/malware infection which is hard to remove. Also known as Rapid Anti Virus.

I have a spyware that I can't seem to get rid of

i have a Trojan and freezing up computer

I have a trojan infection that just wont go away resulting in a desperate move

I Have A Trojan That I Just Can't Get Rid Of

I have a trojan virus. I have attempted to use these forums

I have a trojan which includes a rootkit.

I Have A Virrus That I Cannot Get Rid Of

I have a trojen virus i can not get rid of. It wont let me open mbam or eset scan its called

I Have a virus (it may be Coonflicker) Please Help (Log inside)

I have a virus and cant seem to get rid of it

I have a very nasty virus. I need help removing it please.

I have a virus and can't find it Help please

I have a virus and don't know how to get rid of it

I Have A Virus And I Dont Know How To Fix It

I Have A Virus And Need Help

I Have A Virus And I Cant Get Rid Of It.

I have a Virus but I cant get rid of it

I have a virus on my computer and dont know how to remove it

i have a virus need help

I have a virus I cant remove

I Have A Virus My Software Cannot Remove

i have a virus in my computer but i can't remove it

I have a virus or Malware that has changed the language on my HP desktop

I have a virus on my computer and i cant get rid of it.

I have a virus- possible registry problems

I have a virus on my Gateway computer Help

I have a Virus on my computer

I Have A Virus Problem Help

I have a virus that I cant get rid of

I Have A Virus Which Is Not Getting Cleaned

i have a virus which doesn't allow me to view sites and deletes some data of my computer

I have a virus. help

I have a virus? Random ads

I Have A Wierd One

I have an infected computer

i have annoying popups believe to be malware?

I have been getting redirected by blinkx

I have been hit by one serious VIRUS need help

I have both in Add/Remove

I have DSL but Internet runs like dialup.

I have flash ads popping up at the bottom of websites

I Have Endless Amounts Of Ads And Dont Know Hwats Wrong

I have got 4th variant of PClock cryptolocker

I have malware known as gimp_bimo.exe. in my pc

I have malware but I cannot find it

I have malware located in my registry editer. What can I do to destroy

I Have Many Viruses On My Computer

I have malware on my computer and can't get rid of it (Win 8)

I Have Malware/virus/or Something Unwanted

I have Malware

I have malwares and virus in pc.

I Have No Idea Wat Is Infecting My Pc

I have no idea what the computer is infected with. Sorry.

I Have One Or More Hidden Malware. Need Help To Remove.

I Have Popups And Malware

I Have Problem With Popups

I Have Pop-ups To Buy Spyware Softwares

I have rootkit i would like to get it remove

I Have Some Big Malware Or Virus On My Computer

I have serious Malware issues.

I have some Malware Issues

I have some malware on my PC

I have spyware and need help removing it please

I have something--Trojan possibly

I Have Spyware On My Computer Help

I have spyware or virus

I have spyware but can't get rid of it

I Have Spyware

I Have Spyware Problems

I Have Spyware.please Help

I Have Three Viruses On My Laptop.

i have trojans and rootkits that i dont know how to get rid of

I Have Trojan.w23.looksky On My Laptop

I have two different versions of xp prof. installed

I have Ukash Virus

I have virus/malware on my machine

I have viruses what do i do?

I honestly do not know if I have a virus or not

I hope I got it all out all the malware

I Installed Intcodec 6.0 & Spywarequake + Now Im Getting Annoying Popups From The System Tray.please Help

I installed more RAM and PC had a heart attach

I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake

I just re installed windows and now I'm infected?

I Just Need To Know If This Is Right

I keep getting ads

I Keep Getting Hijacked Please Help Me

I keep getting logged out at random for no reason. no virus or malware detected

I Keep Getting Click2search Popup And Others

I Keep Getting Popups

I keep getting pop-up adds on my computer

i keep getting re directed to random sites

I Keep Getting Pop-ups

I keep getting redirected and it won't go.

I Keep Getting Popups After Using Spyware Removal Tools

I Keep Getting Redirected To Other Sites [Log included]

I keep getting redirected when I click links

I Keep Getting This Annoying Popups

I keep getting this popup

I Keep Getting Virusesand Malware

I Keep Getting Unwanted Ie Popups - Here Is My Log

I know I am infected but cant find anything.

I know I am infected. not sure how to remove it.

I know I have some type of virus but cant get rid of it

I know I was infected. How do I confirm I am now clean?

I Know I Have Spyware.

I Know I Have Viruses

i know im infected PLEASE HELP

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