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Help - I think I have a virus

HELP - I think my computer is infected

Help - Possible Virus/spyware But Cant Find It

Help - Malware/adware/virus

Help winantivirus And Other Assorted Pop-ups.

HELP - I am told to findHitmanPro.but other things keep poping up

have Antivirus Scan virus attacking computer

Having a hard time getting bios 'virtualization' setting to stay 'Enabled'

Help - I Cannot Get Rid Of This Pop Up.

Hello How To Remove Regsvr.exe Error On Mt System Start Up

HELP System Check has taken over

Heavily Infected. I have no idea what to do.

Help [adware

Help Accidentally removed WindowsXP Component Unable to Access Windows Update or See Windows Icons in toolbar

Help - My Computer Is Infected

Help A Brother With My Internet

Help - My Search On My Computer(start)

Help - At A Loss

help cleanup virus infects my computer

Help Am I infected? What's wrong with my computer?

having a few computer issues may be infected.

help after virus infection

help an 'anti-spy ware' program is killing my pc

Help all my document files are corrupted

Help Cannot access windows firewall or defender - possible virus?

Help - infected with something I cannot remove.

Help annoying pop-ups

Having Trouble Removing The following

Having some troubles here removing malware/trojans

Help Cant Remove Spyware

Help Computer Infected.

Help Are these virus?

Help Cleaning Up My System

Help accessing BIOS

Help Computer With Spyware On It

Help Cleaning My System

Help Changing bookmarks

Help - Malware Problem

Help Cannot Function. May Have Malware?

Help Anoying Pop-ups

HELP Ad popups/Google linkjacking/can't run antimalware

Help Can't get rid of You Have a Security Problem

Help Can't Seem To Stop Pop-ups

Help Cannot Get Rid Of Spyware.

Help Can't setup the resolution on my PC through HDTV (Newbie)

Help Computer Ifected Sorry Don't Know The Name

Help Computer Infected With Multiple Viruses

Help Cant Get Rid Of These Viruses And Malware

Help clean/speed up?

Help For My Mom's Computer

Help Deleting a File

Help Crypto infection - files are more important than computer. Do I pay?

Help cleaning pc

Help Comboix Deleted My Files

Help cleaning the computer from viruses

Hello win 7 firewall help


Help Deleting Multiple Trojans

HELP E-Mail Folder From Side Tray

Help Finish Removing All Virus'

Help eradicate my spy/malware

help diagnosing possible virus/malware

Help Computer Is Infected

Help bizrate virus and video pop ups on google chrome

HELP A virus/malware is killing my computer

Help done everything but virus stays hidden and won't leave

Help figuring out what got me

Help Accessing Webpage From External IP

HELP Antivirus System Pro blocking applications

Help I Have Virtumode And All Dorts Of Adware

Help I have windows firewall take over

help 'i think my computers infected

Help Annoying Columns On Screen (screenshots Inside)

Help Computer totally broken

Help I Can't Get Rid Of This Spyware

Help clean up my computer of zeroaccess and zekos(and maybe others)

Heavy.com popups won't stop.

Help I Cant Get Rid Of Viruses

HD video playback is slow

Help i have a virus

Help I'm Attacked With Weird Spyware

Help - Popups have taken over

Help I Have Pop-ups (i Think Adware)

help i have problem i can't solve

help get rid of this file 4 good

Help I have re-encrypted some Crilocked files.

Help I Have A Problem With Some Type Of Malware

help i have been carjacked

Help I Cannot Get Rid Of This Malware

help how do i remove trojan horse :-(

Help I Cant Open My Rigistryedit

Help Have I saved my computer?

Help I Have A Virus - Can't Find It

help i nedd to know if a have a virus or spyware

Help Anti-malware virus has taken over my computer

Help identifying / removing virus

Help I have been infected with a nasty malware scanner

Help for Partition drive

Help in removing virus

help having problem re adding host

Help i need to stop a keyloger

Help I Have Spyware And Don't Know What To Do


help infected with virus

Help I Think I Think A Malware Or Virus Had Infecte This Pc

HELP I have the adware.mywebsearch virus

Help I got a virus through an email I can't get rid of :(

Help Infected Computer Anti-virus Does Not Work

HELP I need use of my computer

Help Malware and I cannot remove

Help Malware virus?

HELP infected computer

Help Laptop Infected With Multiple Things

Help Here Please (not Sure What I'm Infected With)

Help I believe I have worm

Help getting stuff off my computer

Help Infected Laptop

Help Lots Of Infection

Help I am infected and it keeps adding images to my computer

Help identify virus: makes programs from folder names. more

Help I Think I Have Some Malware

Help in searching for possible virus remnants

Help I got Popups redirects and browser going crazy

Help Infected? Hacked? No Clue

Help Manage Add Ons Enabled But Still Say Disabled

Help Is My Computer Infected?

HELP google redirects to advertised sites and nothing will update HELP.

Help How Can I Remove These Virus

Help Malware Trouble (I think?)

HELP How do I edit what gets loaded at StartUp?

Help me find our if my computer is infected

Help Increasing Memory and Clearing Out The Junk

Help i keep getting redirected from google and yahoo results

Help Malware Messed Up My Ability To Open Programs

Help i think my pc is infected

Help Me Find The Virus

HELP I'm under a deadline Popups problem

help in installing font

Help in removing web watcher

help me i have a spyware

Help Me I Have A Virus Problem.

HELP Malware causing major problems

Help I've Definately Got Spyware

help me get rid of this malware/infection

Help me choose which firewall to unstall

HELP im infected and dont know what to do

Help Keylogger on my pc

help me laptop is ruined

help laptop freezing think I have malware virus

help me fix my computer.remove virus.

HELP Highly infected CPU

Help me clean out this computer please

Help me make sure I'm totally clean

help me my computer may have a problem

Help me clean this computer

Help Me clean Up my Computer pleade (admin/moderator)

Help Infected?

Help Infected with Antivirus IS

Help me for removing a virus.

Help me make sure nothing is lurking on old desktop?

help malware has taken over

Help me clean up my daughter's laptop PLEASE

Help cant get rid of virus

Help Is this a sign that my computers infected with a rootkit?

Help my computer is infected with something

help my computer is infeted

help me with my firewall

Help installing drivers after clean install.

Help me to remove this attacks everyday

Help Me To Remove Malware/virus In My Pc

Help Me Remove This Virus

Help me get rid of this virus

Help Getting Popups When I'm Not Online

Help My Cd Drive Is Taunting Me

Help Me With Malware/Slow Problems?

help key logger or something ?

Help importing contacts & mail into Outlook 2002

Help [email protected] How do I get a faster computer?


Help me get infected hidden driver remove from my computer pleasee

Help me undo the delete performed by combo fix

help mei ie7 and firefox keep getting redirected?

Help My computer isn't functioning well after Windows Police Pro infection

Help Me Having Computer Problems (pop-ups)

Help me protect myself

Help My Computer Needs Cleaning

Help my pc looks like this is this a virus

Help My computer's severely infected.

Help Needed W/pop-ups Constantly

Help Needed - I Think My PC is Infected

Help Needed: Virus: Redirect/'404 Not Found nginx'

Help me identifying this ransomware

Help needed removing a stuburn virus.

Help me please.Malware/virus or something?

Help Inqwire Ads Keep Poping Up

Help Needed For Cleaning of Laptop

Help Me Some Problem A Possible Malware

Help me stop my hacker

Help needed with Outlook setup

Help Me Remove It

HELP How Do I get rid of these threats

Help My Laptop Is Bieng Destroyed

HELP My Laptop has problems with pop-ups.

Help Me Remove Keyloggers

Help needed for pc cleanup

Help Needed. Corrupt Directory/file. Possible Malware.

Help I think my ex put a keylogger on my laptop-Hijack this log

Help My computer got infected

Help Nasty Rootkit infected my bios

Help Needed Please. Unknown Trojan? Very Slow Startup

Help My Computer Had Been Infected

Help on a virus

Help Please Computer Slow Suspect Of Malware

help my grandma's computer

Help My Comper Is Infected

Help Me On How To Remove Adware & Popups-

Help Needed with infected computer

Help my computer has got a virus


Help- My Computer Has Viruses. I Think

Help Please Think I Just Got A Virus

Help My Computer Is Possibly Infected And Slow

HELP PLEase I have viruses i can't get rid of.

Help me disinfect my son's computer

help persistant file that wont delete

Help me identify the virus.

Help Me Remove Malware If Any

Help Paranoid about malware on my pc.

Help Needed For Wiping Hd And Start Fresh

Help removing Malware

Help on slow speed

Help Plz B4 I Destroy This Pc

Help on stopping internet redirects

Help me find the virus on my laptop please.

Help Please Possible Malware/trojan That Freezes My Pc

HELP Needed for Rootkit removal please

Help Please. Coolwebsearch Spyware Remains

Help Please spyware

Help me remove a virus

Help Please Not Sure If Infected

Help please been seeing to much process in my PC.

Help Please Computer auto-downloaded a suspicious file.

Help Me Stop The Popups

Help Please Trying To Get Rid Of Malware

Help properly checking for malware etc

Help PC infected with malware and who knows what else

Help remove:virus

Help Popups Annoying

Help Please. Pop-ups Won't Stop

Help removing Malware doctor trojan.

Help please PC crashes and unable to use anti spyware

Help opening save page as file

help my system is infected

help removing possible bad rootkit

Help Removing Celldorado Spyware From Vista Laptop

Help Severe Infection And Unable To Get Online To Repair

Help removing .tmp virus

Help Removing Malware - tisisiga.dll will not go away

Help Possible Malware or something on my computer. What do I do?

Help Removing Mywebsearch

Help removing spyware?

Help restoring network access after removal of mywebsearch and other malware.

Help Please- Root Kit Or Trojan-have Done Everything I Know How To Do

Help Please Stupid Malware Or W/e.

Help please: slow computer

Help removing Adware/malware

Help re-formating my laptop plz

Help removing unidentified entries (malware?) and startup entries

Help reformatting without VAIO recovery disk

Help Slow Computer. Is my computer infected?

Help removing virus

Help required in removing malware

Help Please? Not sure what type of virus etc; I may have

Help removing Vista Anti Virus 2011 Virus

help trojan [probably] virus attacking computer system processes

HELP Virus from Downloading

Help removing Antivirus Suite

Help Unknown Virus/Malware + Windows XP broken

help uploading video on youtube

HELP teenage daughter has infected the PC with a virus/trojan.

Help Trying To Get Rid Of A Virus

HELP PLEASE Google Has A virus

Help Spent 2 Days Working On Removing Trojan

Help Please No Background On Desktop

Help w/ speeding up computer/deleting unwanted processes

Help removing Malware from my PC

help norton keeps detecting .tmp files

Help Spyware Adware Somthing

HELP Rootkit/Malware activity

help please virus on my computer

Help Pc Has Virus

Help to remove longfintuna.net popups & other badness

Help scanning processes/files on Windows 7

Help Pop-up To Download Spyware Just Won't Go Away

Help Popups all over

Help Virus Rootkit?

Help removing possible virus

Help Turning On My Wifi

Help Serious Infection Computer Is Full Of Infections

help please ; cve-2008-4250 popups all the time (no worms/threats on my computer though)

Help removing a virus

Help removing unknown malware

Help please Adware problems

help with connecting to external screen

Help with a key logger

Help Removing Wsel Services And Yahoo Messenger In Explorer Bar

Help requested to solve problems with howdecrypt Virus

Help Trying to get rid of trojan horse

Help removing nasty spyware

Help Unidentified rootkit or virus

Help W/setup Of New Laptop

Help with a slow computer please

Help To Remove Infection

Help with a trojan issue on my Win XP Pro

Help Unknown (New?) Rootkit

Help Think I Am Infected Badly

Help With Burning Downloads

HELP spyware protection trojan?worm?

Help Vosteran infected my computer

Help with Cleaning up my pc

Help with a virus

Help with auto forwarding to a list?

Help removing torntv.

Help Unknow Adware

Help Search-daily.com Has Hijacked Browser And Now Can't Get Online

Help Request- Malware Infected Computer


HELP suspected Malware on my computer

help securing my computer

Help Virus Is Infecting My Computer

Help Virus controlling computer.

help something blocking all my removers so i can't scan n remove.

Help with 802.11n


Help Soon Soooo Slow

Help With Cleaning My Computer

Help With Adware

Help Trying To Fix A Virus-infection


Help With Ads Poping Up In Yahoo

Help With Cd Burning

Help with graphics in windows 7

Help Search re-directs

Help With Current Msn Virus And Possible Trojan Horses

Help with Format of my PC needed

Help With A Friends Laptop

Help with IEEXPLORE/Security Software and Malware loading

Help with infected computer

Help With Exe Files Trying To Access Internet

Help With Getting Printer Installed

Help With Infection Diagnosis - Vista Home Premium

Help with installing drivers

HELP with malware - can't stop popups

Help With Friends Computer

Help with game playing and boosting performance?

Help with ReFormatting Laptop

Help With Log - Pc Very Slow With Pop Ups Thanks

help with ads popping up

Help To Remove Outer Info Pop Ups?

Help with possible malware infection

Help with getting music off internet

Help With Malware Pls.

Help with Potential Virus

Help With Running Chkdisk

help spyware. not my computer

Help with a virus/maulwre

help with some virus

Help With Cryp_t - 2 Virus & Malware

Help with mssearch4u hijack

Help With Malware And Virus Problems

HELP with my computer symptoms of infection :(

Help With Malware On Startup/ I Can't Delete It

Help with Malware infection

Help With Spyware And Viruses

Help With Log Please

Help with Video drivers

Help with what to remove

Help With Manually Virus Delete

Help with removing spyware possibly installed by roommate

Help with encryption

Help With Spyware Needed

help with musicmatch

Help With Norton Alert Settings

help with removing two files

help with finding malware

Help with registry/restoring factory image?

Help with Virus

Help with potential virus activity

Help with Virus/worm blocking anti virus and microsoft

Help with spyware? adware?

Help With This Virus

Help With Viruses

Help With Ipod

Help With Svxela.com Pop-up Virus

Help with virus problem

Help with ADW Cleaner log

Help With Unidentified Popup Problems

help with slow running laptop [Moved]

Help With Streaming Video

Help with wireless setup problem

Help with serious pc infection

help with virus removal needed

help with unknown malware/spyware infection


help with sandboxie.

Help with uninstalling several Spyware programs

Help With Malware/Virus

Help with updates to recently formatted computer

Help. Just removed System Fix. I think


help with virus issues

HELP Virus? Spyware? BOTH?

Help with virus removal

Help with Virus or Malware

Help with understanding how to correct my computer

Help with iminent tool bar.

Help With Removing My Virus

Help. My Taskbar (explorer) Keeps Disappearing

Help. I think puter is infected but can't find it.

Help with removing virus

help with dll files.

help.do I have spyware?

Help with website - need to find out if there's a possible virus

Help.virus.i Think


Help with the Dual Op-Sys

Help: Slow/MalwareBytes/Infection

Help.popups/malware removal

Help with Virus Infections-Remvoal

Help. Pop Ups Galore And No Success In Removing Them

Help~ Malware at the very least

Help. Computer Infected and Can't figure it out

Help With School Firewall

Help with slow computer have spyware

Helping Mom Remove Her Malware

Help. Too Much Virus For My Pc.


Help with my computer being compatible with my TV.

Help With User Acounts Please

Help.virus Removal. Computer One

Help with removing Antivirus Soft

Help.yoursystemupdate.com Taking Over Homepage

help: analyze a scan report (identify keyloggers)

Help: Darksma? Vundo? . pop-ups on both browsers

Help? My Computer is acting strange. could this be caused by a Malware?

Help with this infected laptop please

Help: My IE and firefox automatically open new ad windows

HELP: unknown Windows XP infection

Help.I need to find and remove an annoying problem

Helpppp Adware And Probably A Trojan Tooooo

HELP: e-mail received with an attached file called Fotos 12/31

Help: How to set graphics card settings to Win 8 defaults.

Help-have malware

Help--I think I may have spyware

hi im infected with spyware i think can somone help plz?

HelpAssistant starts up automatically

Helping A Friend With Her Computer

Hi All newbie very inexperienced

Hey I think my computer is infected and need help

Hi.Ru 10 won't leave

Help= do not know what has infected my system.

Helpmy Computer Must Be Infected

Hi and Help please.IE google hijack

Help with possible rootkit removal

hi all - please help - malwere spywere good stuff bad stuff what is what?

Hi I'm 100% sure my computer is infected with Malwares and/or Viruses

Help: I Think My Comp Is Invected

Hi Pls Help With Possible Pc Infection

Help: Firefox - Google search goes to the wrong site

HELP: Been trying to remove infections (trojan

hi could you please help me and tried to remove bee coupons but nothing I've do

Help with possible malware issue

Hidden Programs

hi i had questions regarding possible key logging

hi need some help with a possible virus

Hidden spyware in my computer?

Hidden virus in programs

Hidden infections Windows XP

Hidden ad popup / virtumundo help?

Hiding Files (like Hidden System Files)

Help: Every program comes up with new virus

Hidden virus my norton does not recognize Help

Hiding files Virus

High Bandwith Usage Suspected Bot

hide system drive (c:\ )

Hidden spambot has control of my internet connection

Hidden Virus or Malware?

Hidden Infection unable to locate/remove

hidden file on desktop is this normal?

Hidden Trojans/adware/malware Is Slowing Pc

Hidden File/Folders/Icons + Errors with Windows Firewall and Updates

Help with possible computer infection

Hidden IE processes running

Hidden Popups

Hidden Virus? Please Help.

Hidden Internet History?

Hidden malware


Here Is My Admin.zip File

hidden folders appearing on removable drives/sd cards

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