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His abundant accolades include the John Bates Clark Medal... This is your crux para for me: "Just as economists, without much success to show for themselves, nevertheless claim sovereignty over the final decisions we make as a society on how And yet me and my family (there are four of us), as best I can calculate, are responsible for the emission of something like96 tons of CO2 per year. He yammered about Al Gore incessantly.

And it's the creed he cites today as he speaks out to try to save the life of a friend and comrade trapped in Afghanistan. An Afghan translator, who goes only by What do you think should happen? March/April 1996 Issue Gloria Steinem Gloria Steinem Interviewed By Cynthia Gorney At 61, Steinem wants straight talk, more fun, and a new Congress. Trump Goes to Washington Kori Schake Donald Trump Is Already Tweeting Us Into War with North Korea Jeffrey Lewis Obama Can Strike One Last Iran Deal Kim Ghattas Barack Obama Was

This does not mean that rights are unimportant, but rather, that politics (the societal control of freedom) is so important as to subsume rights." I will repeat that. admin says: August 17, 2013 at Sat, 17 Aug 2013 16:20:28 +0000 Thanks for the anecdote. And, although some people think he's guilty of espionage, that's doesn't seem true either.  He didn't hack any state computer or blow any agent's cover to get his information. March 21, 2005 On the Hunt: An Interview with Daniel Duane Interviewed By Elizabeth Gettelman Shooting sheep to save them?

I kind of thought that that was what I was saying. You wont find any here who want to lose any more civil liberties. I remember another media circus besides the one around Osama. But my memory is not so dim.  I remember another media circus besides the one around Osama.

Horatio Algeranon says: August 18, 2013 at Sun, 18 Aug 2013 05:27:55 +0000 "Selling Science" -- by Horatio Algeranon Selling science Like selling soap Wash defiance Away with dope Steve Bloom Further, the case at hand, science advocacy in this sense is not instruction but sales disguised as instruction. Highly motivated students will find what they need, most will miss the boat. Assange is just being a savvy marketer in picking those outlets.

The serious place to look for help is the marketing community, in short the Mad Men. Prior to his arrival at USIP, he was a defense reporter for Politico, where he launched the popular Morning Defense early morning blog and tip-sheet. The Times is a mixed bag these days, but has mounted an effort to present some really excellent material as well as the usual. Gary Webb, who exposed the CIA connection to the distribution of crack cocaine in the US -  probably murdered.

immigration prisons and finds widespread mistreatment of detainees, abetted and concealed by an official code of silence. Foreign Military Sales amid violence: the U.S. Top News Badlands National Park's Viral Tweets on Climate Change Just Disappeared Tim Murphy Jerry Brown Blasts Trump's "Alternate Universe of Non-Facts" Josh Harkinson The House Just Handed a Big Win And it's not getting much smaller, despite my 52 m.p.g.

Of course, you will get some ideas based in experience on how to engage university students in a classroom or seminar. Wikipedia has been compromised…why won't wikileaks be too? @Linda J. Deficit model! I find Fiore heavy-handed and unimaginative.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia asked the US Officials in Jordan and Bahrain want Iran ‘s nuclear program stopped by any means available. Here's an open letter I wrote about that last year. Ah, now things get even more interesting. Ed Thomas, Dave Horan, John Novalis.

August 16, 2004 It Happens Here Mark Dow Interviewed By Bradford Plumer Prisoner abuse is not limited to Iraq. March 14, 2007 35 Million Ways to Be Black Henry Louis Gates Jr. It's not just that Israel isn't damaged by Wikileaks.

I started grappling with this back in 2009, and here's some of what I wrote on first being immersed in it recent incarnation: Nisbet was also all about "global warming, yes

September 1, 2005 Taking Action Now: An Interview with Nate Wright Interviewed By Michael Beckel Mother Jones' student activist of the year talks about Darfur September 1, 2005 Towards a Better January 4, 2008 The Verdict Is In: Our Voting System Is a Loser William Poundstone Poundstone's Gaming the Vote entertainingly probes the combative history of voting over the past few centuries. I kindly advise you do some serious reading on the nature of "controlled opposition" and "manufactured consent"/"public perception management". Yet, Assange, "the most dangerous man in Cyberspace," according to the faux-alternative magazine Rolling Stone, lives to tell the tale of his persecution from the cover of Time magazine and the

I think we should agree that endless talk is just that, full of wind and going nowhere. The Russian mafia is a euphemism for the Russian and Ukrainian Jewish mafia, which has strong ties to Israel. October 28, 2004 Nailing the Hammer Lou Dubose Interviewed By Julian Brookes A veteran Texas journalist ponders the astonishing rise -- and likely fall -- of Tom DeLay. How delightful!