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Help (lsass.exe File)

HelpExplorer.exe Runs At Constant 50% Cpu

High CPU Usage + Trojan Dropper Detected

High CPU use by Microsoft Windows Search Indexer - Windows 8.1

high cpu utilization and homepage hijacked

high cpu usage by process svchost.exe (netsvcs)

high cpu utilization rate

High CPU and RAM usage; conhost

high cpu usage alert winrscmde

High CPU Usage and Endless Windows Update

High CPU Usage: winlogon.exe / system / mobsync.exe

High CPU usage/Trj/Thuma

High CPU usage and loss of word docs - Toshiba Satellite L745-S4210

High Cpu Usage After Reformatting My Laptop

High CPU usage by SVCHOST.EXE

High CPU Usage due to svchost.exe (netsvcs) and pop-ups starting chrome

High CPU in Java

High CPU Issue with Flash

High CPU load - reason siszyd32.exe?


High CPU usage wich turn the pc off itself

Higher than normal CPU svchost.exe BUT READ

High CPU and Memory use when I run any browser/bittorrent client

High CPU due to Connect.exe and Backup.exe

High System Usage

High Cpu Usage - Very Intermittent

high cpu biggest thread is 3248 and it wont open

High CPU Usage by the System Process

High CPU usage from avp.exe file

High CPU usage - winrscmde

High CPU svchost.exe PID 1092 Networking and DNS

High CPU usage after resume from standby

high CPU usage Svchost.exe dcomlaunch / PlugPlay service

High CPU usage with IE8 and/or Firefox

High CPU usage % with no apparent reason

Hundred Instances Of Taskeng.exe Eating Memory

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