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Remember: Rats are intelligent. Click any link below to start the fun! Echinacea shouldn't be given all the time, so one week on, and two or three off could be used as a schedule. For the actual meals for your rats, your safest bet is to use a lab-rat food-block and a bowl of grain mix as the base of your rodent's diet.

While the girls are off exploring, the boys relax and settle in for a good belly scratch. Other respiratory problems are also common in rats. We find the right pet for you by matching them to suit you and your family’s lifestyle! All Rights Reserved.

You will receive text messages with ways to help animals right from your phone. Positive signs to look for: alert and inquisitive,quick confident movements, smooth hair that lays neatly, (unless of course he's hairless!) slightly plump little belly, streamlined and sleek body, (no humps or Although there are several other bacteria that can cause the same symptoms, the usual culprit is mycoplasma. Your intuition will guide you well when it's time to buy pet rats!

NEXT: GROOMING, ENVIRONMENT & TRAINING > 12NEXT ► share this page: Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Dog Food Hills Prescription Diet Explore our range of veterinary and natural dog foods, hand-picked by These lovable rodents are missing their coats so allergens can't stick to their fur. Be prepared to melt as you discover the treat of owning your own remarkable pet rats. Choose to buy pet rats with good health!

TREATMENT The standard treatment for mycoplasma infections is a round of antibiotics. To reduce (and ultimately to eliminate) selling live rodents for reptile food. (This practice is already illegal in England.) To encourage stores to buy rats from responsible breeders who socialize their It's that important. The best place to buy a rat is from a reputable breeder and a baby should be at least six weeks old.

It's like a bad flu to your little rat. Not surprisingly, an altered male is even more easy-going than the usual mellow chap. Be wary of buying a rat from somewhere with many other rats, particularly if any of them have rapid or noisy breathing. Over time, Jiya's real and enchanting personality has emerged.

Or a Mixture of Both Boys and Girls? Commercial mixes are available from pet shops. Pneumonia is when the infection gets into the lungs. This is not good.

It's hard to go wrong with these resilient, fun-loving, affectionate and intelligent creatures. If there is a gurgling, congested sound from the chest, you have a sick rat. Home Home Page Fancy Pet Rats Dumbo Rats Rex Rats Blue Rats And more! Tell us how we did.

  1. Your rats will entertain themselves and still readily include you in their friendship when you give them their daily dose of attention.
  2. Ah, devoted lap buddies!
  3. are numerous and ambitious.
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  5. DIAGNOSIS If your rat is sneezing more than usual, listen closely to his breathing.
  6. In the wild, little prey critters press their bodies to the ground so their shadows disappear.
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  8. We also make simple hammocks out of polar fleece for the lofty spaces, and poke rags in assorted cubbies.
  9. Take care not to overfeed your pets, as obesity will shorten their lives and may lead to health problems.
  10. If you have a really laid-back rat, he may not get stressed out!

This could progress further, so treatment would be a good precaution at this point. Ratatouille Did you know that rats have a sweet tooth and can be prone to obesity? Normally, the company is good for them, even when they are sick. Don't lose heart!

Keep house plants out of the way because some are poisonous to rats. As fun as it sounds to have a boy and a girl for an occasional little rat pup, owning a rat couple comes with many challenges and much responsibility. This variety is selectively bred to remove or reduce symptoms for those with pesky allergies.

Rats love coming out of their cage to play and explore their environment, but they are not usually compatible with other small rodents, cats, dogs or birds.

These pregnant rats are babies having babies, some of them no more than 6 weeks older than their offspring. Using tamoxifen to treat cancerous mammary tumors. Email address * First name * Last name * Leave this field blank Sign-up Hear our stories 1 out of 3 Email address * First name * Last name * Next Health issues in pet rats Check your rat daily for any general signs of ill health, such as loss of appetite or lethargy.

As a rodent, your rats have incisor teeth that grow continuously. Red discharge around the eyes or nose is a sign of illness and stress, although the redness is not blood but a natural pigment in the mucus. Repeat the said steps for all files listed. *Note: Read the following Microsoft page if these steps do not work on Windows 7. So many choices!

Several functions may not work. We love our pets and like to give them... Does your rat have red stuff on his nose, or around his eyes? We invite you to join RATS and help us help rats! (Please click the join/donate link above.) ~ Our Mission Statement ~ We believe domestic rats should be respected as pets

In addition to the antibiotics, there are a few other things you can do for your rat. When a rat gets old, or gets stressed, the mycoplasma bacteria has a chance to take hold and multiply. Before buying your new pets, be sure you can give them enough time. With rats, a "cold" (i.e., sneezing and sniffling), can quickly lead to pneumonia which can cause permanent damage to the lungs and even death if left untreated.

Hairless rats might be just the answer for you! I'm not sure how to remove it and it is messing with some .exe files. We'll work with your schedule. We have an ongoing intake of rats from a variety of situations which requires the patience to help socialize these animals to help them feel safe and secure.However, if you are

Unauthorized use of images prohibited. Allergies and dust are also possible causes of sneezing.