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Help Please I Don't Know What I Am Doing.sorta

It might be worth checking into if you are having difficulty paying for your medication.

JC Jan 29, 2007 what to do Thanks for a useless and unhelpful article. Coaches don't solve problems, they ask insightful questions. It's been a continuous haze and I want it all to end. Journal of Research in Personality, 31(1), 21–33.↵ Newport, C. (2012).

It has been a while I've been thinking killing myself but i dont have the courage to do that . If you want that to happen, work on making it happen and what will be will be with the boyfriend when it comes to it. Nothing seems real. But there was nothing there to see.

I dont think i have the confidence to make a success of anything. To those who need to have something of worth, begin to give yourself to others. but i don't feel like doing it. Well now, this was something new, and they quickly scanned the horizon.

  1. Olivia Wilton Oh my god.
  2. Dont be afraid to have a go, try it!
  3. Working in an authoritarian environment in which there is a lot of hostility.
  4. Today, I have “little David,” BACK!!
  5. Today!
  6. A lot more.
  7. I feel like I should just go back on Facebook and reactivate it.
  8. I have McAfee Anti Virus , Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro installed on my PC for security .
  9. I could have been pursuing my goal/dream instead!

Not because I wanted to impress my parents or teachers. Find a problem you care about and start solving it. But for me personally, it’s not my deal. And so, in this hazy kind of state of anxious feeling, my decision becomes should I let go of all these thoughts (this I think is a given and yes I

Pick your motherfuckin' ass off that sofa, leave your home, and go on a journey. You don't need to pray, but to take charge; there are more opportunities for you than you now think. I enjoy the security of fulltime work, good benefits, 4 weeks vacation, and good pension plan. Thank you.

We all have a tendency to lose touch with what we loved as a child. I guess we have to consider what is it that is keeping us in the state of indecision. I might not know whether to turn right or left, but my body just turns in the direction I really want to go. At 36, I'm happily married, but very unhappy with my career choices.

Comparison is one of the basic causes of hurt, which damages & distorts the operation of the psyche, & as such is a form of cruelty. Click Me © 2017 Infinity Squared Media LLC /Terms and Conditions /Privacy Policy /Affiliates /Contact /Subscribe /Login Join my newsletter and get a free ebook"3 Ideas to Change Your Life" Close: Because I do know what the wrong thing is. My mind's cry right now..playing devil's advocate.

Just as Dr. Bryce Hi Emma, I really agree with this & it is this kind of attitude that eventually calms me down after thinking too hard about any one thing really. When the time comes, I will make a bigger decision form there. hadley Nov 16, 2006 dream a little At 43, I'm facing job burnout and considering switching careers.

One of the most common email questions I get is people asking me what they should do with their lives, what their “life purpose” is. It's about us. WHAT MAKES YOU FORGET TO EAT AND POOP? SJH Jun 19, 2006 Deppression/Career/Life As I read your comments, they really hit home.

My practical side is telling me to stay put. It feels hard and cold, like a vice-like grip. I need some help and I dont know how to continue.

I'm finding my soul, - and you can too!There is so much more to say.

Emma While Sarah, that's a great insight! I've only been able to make small temporary moves, resulting in more confusion and more running around between the same few states for over a year now (all the while considering All the very best lv2terp How sweet of you, that is actually an amazing skill to affect an audience like that! I think one thing I do I make decisions based on how I am feeling but I just don't know .

Carla Spark Beautifully written! I just wish somebody could just tell me what to do, because when i start something i always question myself on doing something else. I was a young girl of 19 in the early 70's who ran away with a man 10 years her senior. lack of purpose in life really damages my self esteem and consequently my relationship with people.