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Help. I Want To Throw Away My Computer I'm So Frustrated


unfortunetly I was trying to break the hard drive on cement blocks (commonly called cinder blocks) and by the time I had the hard drive damaged enough to be satisfied, I It's always off on boot, but remembers the last state when you log off or sleep. I once destroyed an old 5 1/4 inch floppy disk for a game on my old Atari computer by cutting it up with a pair of scissors and throwing it into Disclaimer: I have no idea what I'm talking about. http://exomatik.net/help-i/help-i-have-cws-ns3-on-computer.php

But I get a pop up that tells me that 2013 is not my default, and I need to click to change it. Except sometimes I get that message out of the blue, and have NO idea what triggered it so I don't know WHICH app default to switch. NO. Why are UWP apps so slow?


You need answers to questions like: "How do I know when I am angry?" "What events/people/places/things make me angry?" "How do I react when I'm angry?" "How does my angry reaction I have done some good projects but I am not at all into it. A consultancy? permalinkembedsavegive gold[–]greenwizard88 20 points21 points22 points 1 year ago(2 children)The worst part for me is when I type my pin in really quickly, and I type "12" and then the carrot goes back

And if a friend is angry all the time, raging and hurting us, it's best we create some space. It was almost the perfect successor to Windows 7. Examples are PowerDVD breaking because of the parental controls; MS Word (the program that has most driven me to homicidal rage) hiding the format codes, well, just because they can and I have no external hard drive.

I dunno, maybe something got fucked up because I upgraded instead of doing clean install (but that wasn't quite as simple back then). haha.I tend to get raged pretty easily anyway, it's not just computers. Right before we became unemployed, he had his best paying job ever. Maybe someday I'll actually.... *L* My rage at that printer has long since dissapated but it might serve as a sort of scapegoat for all the other computer frustrations I've experienced!My

Sorry. Even after I prove to them they did it. Author Smaggle 3 years ago ReplyOh that's you! Sigh...


I am a registered psychologist.

JD Jan 27, 2012 I just dont know what to do i came on this page looking for some advise. I made Hubs a memory box as some of his mothers personal things were still in a dresser. Ccleaner I only intentionally scratch and bend AOL CD ROM's. How should I go about changing to this field?

Each user profile has a registry flag for the status of various modifier keys at last use. I am at a loss because I know I am better than this....frustrated beyong belief....I feel like one of these days I am just going to stop trying to better myself In the end the money for a new mouse came from my wallet. She still has that.

i curse them all on at least a weekly basis. The number 1 annoyance and the source of pure animalistic rage came from the (self)help systems (built within Windows) not being able to help me, often not even a slightes bit I'd remove the paper and then put it back in the tray and the printer, with a print job in the queue, would then sometimes resume printing properly but sometimes it his comment is here Of course, the only reason these things were donated was because they were so out of date, they literally couldn't be used at all...but we just made the best with what

Guess I should have picked a different career... X

Lawrence Jul 28, 2011 do i know? I liked requirements engineering and more 'management stuff' in university, but let's face it: you tend to be driven to be a programmer.

I enjoy programming itself.

It is full of ads.

I work with computers nearly every waking moment, so that 7+ hours/week category is an extreme understatement. He doesn't understand that the problem is that my angry is affective everybody in the household and WE have a couple WE need professional help.

Anonymous Feb 22, 2009 Anger permalinkembedsavegive gold[–]fxyrslf 75 points76 points77 points 1 year ago(4 children)I agree with all this. I am a career programmer and an average one at best.

I understand people disliked Aero on Win7, but at the very least it was consistent and when you ran into older design it still looked passable. all of these have been designed to be bare minimum programs. It will be important to stay calm and tell him how it makes you feel. weblink He has never resorted to physical violance or anything, just yelling and screaming and sometimes hitting things (walls, doors, etc...) but it makes me very nervous and a little scared that

It is unladylike to curse.