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Colombo :Woolworth Co. Linda and her mother.. DRAMA This year’s Drama Club was something to be proud of! T.

Cases to be sent from this part to Part III.. Seniors will always remember first place at the music festival in Mystic Seaport, Connecticut, "cu-juice la turn” . . . De Maria :Knlcker- bocker lee Co. I don't recall when I started to push, but I was.

The French Club began the year with a greatly increased membership and a good deal of enthusiasm. Y. Romano, R. l'rascr:B Q C A S RR Co.

They wiil always remember long hours "cutting the Harvard; close friendships; thousands of chorus’ of Drink"; U Mass by way of NH ; the Holyoke sweep;" the Arctic Tour- nament; Risk"; This year differed from those in the past since all fall sports were recognized, not just football. Tierney, J. It will give relief, and a single box "THE PCHLIC nE PLEASED" COLONIAL LI TOM 7 ST PROVIDENCE DIRECT BOAT $2.97 All Outside Staterooms, 51.08 to (3.24.

The following nrohfttlonarv natrnlmen I Thompson :Brown. restful sun parlopi ami superb music A palatial nt-Ulence for thoso seek Ine nt and rvcrmtkm. Second row J. The team of class officers of the class of 1981 included President Keith Paly, Vice President Lynne Spence.

D. Austria ’78, Ph ill ’79, Florida 81 . . . And your conscience says no but your stomach overbears. Reynolds showed sensitivity to each of the individuals with whom he came in contact.

The result was that I pooped in my pants and everyone could see the stain. Eisenauat, Harry Medwln, Louis JjedWIn. Pictorial Review Co. 210 WEST 39TH, OTII FLOOR. Cosco, S.

Principal creditor: Edward J. D. building while they were on bruise but was not taken to the into the community hall at The Learning Center is the their regular beat. LEAVE OF ABSENCE.

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Moloney :same. BsrkorClty of N Y. she served in segeral Salvation Army Corps jn New England including Old Orchard Beach, retiring after 40 years of service in 1952. Vandergrlft:Roblni.

N. Cosco, M. Walter J. This year the work of three seniors - T.