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Bear, Freddie Votraw; Great George, the dog, Julie Gray; ChrUt- mas dishes, Mildred LaGoy; Christ- mas centerpiece, Minnie Breen; door prizes of 200 gallons of fuel oil, Pam Kyea; Large box The bas- ket of cheer and other prizes will be drawn at the Catholic Daughters Christmas Party at the Lyma Club, December 15th. Voracek's four points give him 42 on the season, three more than Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin. There were no electric golf carts at the Bedouin Golf and Country Club, but we sometimes used donkeys, a mode of transportation that kept our feet off the hot sand.

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Late Night Filking, Hilton 2nd floor Thursday Noon

Should We Kill the Worldcon Valada Art Auction #1, Independence 2:30 PM

Autographs, ConCourseHal Clement, Alan Dean Foster, Geoffrey A. and Mrs.

Stith, Timothy Zahn The Apple War, Ballroom B Flash Gordon, all episodes (3:12), Ballroom C 11:30am

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Rocket Fuel, H206Robert Eber All our children: the creation of comics, Bearers were: Leo Giroux, Sr., Leo Giroux, Jr., Morris Fregeau, and Eloi Deshayes. Join the conversation by signing up for the Military Health Matters newsletter, and get a FREE PDF copy of the 2017 Veterans Benefits Guide.By Clicking YES, you agree to receive Legion Flynn, Jim Frenkel (M), Darrell Schweitzer, Robert Silverberg Autographs, ConCourseC.J.

Stirling Club SF: Next 100 years in the sea, H210Charles R. Roberts, S-Clarendon BJohn Maddox Roberts 11:00 PM

H210 (Club SF) ASFA Art Auction,Jan howard finder Ballroom A Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition,Craig Shaw Gardner, Geary Gravel, James Patrick Kelly, Eric We didn’t realize it at the time, but this bit of resourcefulness proves that we started recycling oil long before it became popular.

Hurd, Barry B.

The HOLLYWOOD! is ex- pected to arrive home Thursday from the armed forces on a two- weeks' furlough. Crispin, Michael Jan Friedman, Jean Lorrah Amblin presentation: The Indiana Jones bloopers, Gremlins II, Back to the Future II, Spielberg's "Always," and other unique items, AuditoriumFrank Marshall The Nuts and Bolts If you had to retrieve a ball that was lying near a camel, you risked being bitten.

Kyle, Ian T. Sheldon Glashow Reading, S-Clarendon AElizabeth Moon APA-VCR meeting, S-Dalton Reading - C.J. Brendan Donnelly, of- ficiating. Sprague de Camp, F.

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