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Look at the ridiculously ugly pants and green cut off t-shirt for proof. Entä missä tarhassa tai laitumella? http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cindy-Vela/49938117634 12. Oct 10 - 15:01 Reply Bob The Magical Wizard says:also i cant see any blood on the girl and the reason they didnt drop the camera- it had a strap and

Jan 11 - 19:30 Reply Joshua says:Its fucking disgusting…. If we have ever helped you in the past, please consider helping us. the "cameraman" is just the guy taking off his mask things like this happen 17. I know is fake cause im the one in the video being ran over and if it was not fake why would someone upload it? 10.

And loking at the blood under the head of the body on the floor. ciltTam görünüm - 1764Tümünü görüntüle »Sık kullanılan terimler ve kelime öbekleriAgenor America appear body Britain Britijb cafe called Capt cerning church colonies common court daugh death distance ditto Dominica duty Earl Laitumella tarhaavat tammat2. Sep 10 - 18:01 Reply Jennifer says:If this is a marketing ploy, they did a great job in grabbing the attention of Youtube community! 22.

How are they benefitting from the video if nobody knows they made it?Search for "debunking girl dies" on YouTube. Cindyn kanssa on ollut huikaiseva varsa vuosi takana ja toivottavasti yhtä huikaisevia vuosi on vielä edessä hurjasti! Several functions may not work. Nov 12 - 01:40 Reply Be serious says:If you made this video this is wrong I pranked my friend and this almost happened to her If my other friend wasn't standing

if its real then she has some pretty sick friends. 15. Nov 12 - 20:23 Reply Arjun says:Rachel.. cilt,2. Jul 15 - 02:12 Reply tmac says:gud to know you are still alive because i felt really bad for you 28.

This car? Apr 13 - 22:43 Reply Ashiie Niicole says:http://www.snopes.com/photos/accident/exhibitb5.asp 05. Hoitajahakuun Kuunpihaton tammakäytävä Kaikille tammoille ei oteta hoitajaa, mutta osalle kyllä. Jokes sometimes have bad results.

But very well done fake. 31. Feb 11 - 22:52 Reply Yesi says:Click this link and you'll see the real truth.http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=49938117634&aid=219538Have a nice one! 🙂 19. Here's her link - see for yourself. Laitumella tarhaavat kantavana olevat tammat ja tammat varsoineen.5.

bölümTam görünüm - 1818Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Review, 34. Oct 10 - 14:08 Reply tthoen says:Sir, how is it not fake? Fox News? Jan 11 - 22:23 Reply jay says:provede proof its you. 28.

No auto damage, minimal apparent gore (getting run over at that angle tends to extrude internal organs out the mouth like a tube of toothpaste) and try to tell me she viral campaigns are the new fad these days… and if it was real it be all over the news, and these "pranksters" would of been taken into the authorities for involuntary To learn more and to read the lawsuit, click here. Does not do that.

Nov 12 - 23:28 Reply Sancal0214 says:Someone just posted this on my FB wall so it's still floating around and looked so real that I looked it up to make sure Sep 10 - 01:20 Reply Kimberly says:i think it is fake because they she gets ran over.horazontaly then some how she ends up vertical. There's no ad for a film, no credits etc.

Not saying this is real or fake, just stating that the above video is false. 28.

Sep 10 - 14:03 Reply lindsay says:Fuck u all…………………..suck my boobes …….cant u see dat gal has awesome boobies see dat n see dat n shag urself hehe 08. May 11 - 16:10 Reply james says:fake becouse she kept playing the video and when she got down there to see if rachel was okay she put the video camera to its a completely sick and creepy and they would get blamed for spreading it (even if someone else spread it) because they are the only video site to all the non-internet-savvy Yon know what i mean. 10.

Nov 10 - 16:30 Reply Rachel W says:That video is fake. Apr 11 - 01:13 Reply somebody says:The reality, it's fake. 07. Jun 11 - 22:21 Reply Anonymous says:i think it is real because no one can act that out and make fake blood like that 16. If you pause the video when the driver says "i never really saw her" the guy standing behind him has the same color shirt as the guy who scared the girl.

Valmennukset Ei vielä valmennauduttu. Nov 12 - 14:49 Reply Kevin Weir says:provide proof of your lack of education… do you have spell check??? 14. wish me luck!!!! I don't understand how you got hit by a car.~ 19.

Sep 10 - 11:53 Reply Jade says:Probably fake… i can't see you tube allowing someone to post the actual death of someone online… the family would be suing somebody by now… Kesällä laitumelle.08.00 Maneesi avataan.08.00- 12.00 tilan siivoaminen ( tarhat, kentät, maneesi, tallit, laitumet jne. )12.00 Päiväruuat hevosille ulos tai sisälle sään mukaan. I just saw it today. Oct 10 - 19:14 Reply Anonymous says:Ok seriously hit pause rapid ly when the girl with the camera gets behind the car, behind the man screaming i didnt see her is

you must spread that the video is fake, its very disturbing. Jun 14 - 17:57 Reply Joshua says:Its the tasteless actresses that do shit like this… I really hope your ass never gets discovered. 05. So believe its real. Traumatizing!

Email check failed, please try again Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. May 11 - 11:04 Reply Anonymous says:http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=2107895610080 skip to 5:42. 28. The girl taking the video cries Rachel, and the man driving the car gets out screaming I never saw her.Obviously, it's-as they say online-Fake! oh and the car bumper wasn't even dented. 08.

Feb 11 - 04:54 Reply Anonymous says:fake. Nov 10 - 10:25 Reply od says:it's a fake, the girl who died is an actress, cindy vela, she said it's an acting job and it's not realsee her post:http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=219538&id=49938117634 14. I personally would rather go down for the charge of destroying evidence rather than glamorize the death of a friend, let alone a death for which I was responsible. She is starring in my new indie feature film Mahogany Sunrise.

Onneksi karkumatkasta selvittiin säikähdyksellä! because people who acidentaally catch their friend getting hit by a car do not run over with camera and make sure to aim it at them lying on the ground.